Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Dubai Break!

Flights for Dubai
For a very long time I was thinking and planning on a rip to a city that world is speaking about, I am talking about none other than Dubai, it was the finest short break that I took and it was the only short break that I wanted to extend as it looked never ending!
Dubai, whenever this name crosses my mind I literally get goose bumps as it is the most fascinated trip that I have ever taken(though not been on much but still it is the best)in my life. Let’s start from the start, my friends really convinced me in to this trip as I was more interested in planning a trip to Europe. Just because I was short on finance and time so decided something is better than nothing so I took the bait and agreed for the trip.
I would have been stupid to leave this trip as this trip offered me more fun than I ever had. We booked our air tickets to Dubai and just flew off, after landing I the middle of the afternoon we realized what actually extreme heat means , it was literally burning and we rushed to our hotels .W decide to go out in the evening and never had a simplest of idea that weather could change so drastically within hours.

Whether it’s our rip to Burjkhalifa, the mall of the emirates, famous Mena bazaar, the Wild Wadi amusement park or a romantic dinner on Dhow cruise everything looked so amazing and not to forget the adrenaline pumping Desert Safari and dinner. Five days seemed so short that we never realized them passing and we were standing at the airport to leave.

I loved every single second that I spent and vowed that would come back once again and would relive the fun once again on a long stay. So if you are the one planning to book cheap holidays in Dubai, do take time out as Dubai is not meant to be seen in a jiffy!!

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