Friday, 29 November 2013

Holidays to Dubai- Your Chance to Discover the Finest Art Works

Dubai is a splendid city that is evolving more rapidly than any other cities of the world and a city that has some of the most spectacular sites in store for all who visit it. Although, when you reach this fantastic city for your holiday, there might be numerous attractions, things to do and places that might allure you. But one thing that has been rapidly growing with this city is its image as an art center of Middle East. This city has very well been able to take care of its arts and culture and has also been presenting it in the form of annual Dubai fair every year. When you book your Dubai vacations, do consider to opt for cheap holidays to Dubai. Wondering why? Because, commuting from one art gallery to other will definitely cost you since they are located in some far away warehouses and are hard to find. Moreover there are so many art galleries to visit in this city that you might want to save a little extra for each one you visit.

Let me tell you, this city is buzzing with contemporary art all around. If you have been to a destination rich in art and culture before, then you might have noticed that various art galleries are lined up together. People stroll from one gallery to another. But Dubai is a little different when it comes to these art galleries and their locations. Since all these art galleries of Dubai are located far from each other, so it would be a great idea to carry an Art Map for this city before you step out for it. As you get ready to discover the insights of Dubai history, culture and art forms, go through the following and get them listed for your Dubai holidays:
  • Third Line - Contemporary Middle Eastern art 
  • JamJar – DIY Painting Studio.
  • Cuadro – Contemporary Art.
  • Majlis Gallery - International art forms.
  • Green Art Gallery – Work of Local Artists.
  • B21 – Highly promising art exhibits.
  • Dubai Museum – All about Dubai’s history, art and culture.
There are some more galleries and museums that also host numerous splendid works of young as well as experienced artists. So as you book your cheap holidays to Dubai, get all set to discover art, culture, history and heritage, like never before.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Get Ready to Discover Marvels as You Board Flights for Dubai

Considered as one of the wealthiest cities in the world, Dubai is a dream destination for millions. Since Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world, it has some of the most spectacular man-made islands, and houses some of the most stunning shopping malls, so calling it a true dream holiday destination is a complete justice.  Every year numerous people board cheap flights for Dubai from various parts of the world dreaming of a luxurious holiday. Dubai has some of the most unusual and spellbinding attractions that are not found to exist anywhere else around the world. 

Dubai’s continuous development is making it reach new heights of urbanism. Burj Khalifa, The underwater hotel popularly known as the ‘Water Discus’, Gold Souks, Spice Souks are a few assets of this city that definitely make it proud and distinct. Different people visit this city with distinct plans and different budgets. No matter what kind of holiday you are looking forward to, in Dubai you are sure to experience splendor all around.  Everyone has a different budget while going on a holiday trip. Irrespective of what budget or plans you have for your cheap holidays to Dubai, when you board your Dubai flights and reach there, make sure to check out one and the most amazing attraction in this city; the Palm Islands.

One of the most spectacular engineering marvels in the world, these palm islands are the world’s largest artificial islands. Connecting to different beaches of Dubai, Palm Islands is a set of three man-made islands connected to each other to form a shape of a ‘Palm Tree’. A very few other sites in the world can offer you such awe-inspiring views like this stunning attraction. Missing to visit it would make your Dubai trip incomplete. So make sure that you do visit Palm Islands as you reach Dubai for your holiday.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Cheap Flights To Dubai Can Help You Explore More Of It!

It is not very surprising to hear that Dubai is actually one of the most popular holiday destinations around the world.  Well known for its wonderful architectures, pristine sand beaches, clear blue waters, and almost endless opportunities for shopping and dining. You might also feel spoilt for choice when it comes to seeking luxury on your cheap holidays to Dubai, with numerous opportunities awaiting you to get indulged. However, this city is said to be quite popular as playgrounds of the rich and famous, but being on a tight budget you can also take a chance to make the most of your tour.

If you wish to discover the best of man-made islands of Dubai, go sightseeing for the several tallest buildings of the world in Dubai, or indulge in some really action packed adventure that Dubai offers; then here’s what you need to do. The only thing that can help you save extra for your Dubai holiday is by spending less on the travelling part. Flying to this stunning destination by choosing cheap flights to Dubai is the best way out. You may want to check out various affordable flight deals offered by numerous online travel websites for doing so. Finding one of the best websites dedicated to Dubai holidays for e.g. Flights4dubai UK, which brings some fantastic discount deals for Dubai flights, is the only way you can save a little extra for your trip.
Since Dubai offers you numerous luxuries even in the middle of a desert, there are definitely a few that would not want to miss like;

  •  Flying with the best airline carriers to Dubai like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar etc.
  • Visiting Gold and spice souks of Dubai
  • Visiting the At.Mosphere in Burj Khalifa.
  • Ballooning adventures over the desert.
  • Desert safaris
  • Visiting Palm Islands.