Friday, 29 November 2013

Holidays to Dubai- Your Chance to Discover the Finest Art Works

Dubai is a splendid city that is evolving more rapidly than any other cities of the world and a city that has some of the most spectacular sites in store for all who visit it. Although, when you reach this fantastic city for your holiday, there might be numerous attractions, things to do and places that might allure you. But one thing that has been rapidly growing with this city is its image as an art center of Middle East. This city has very well been able to take care of its arts and culture and has also been presenting it in the form of annual Dubai fair every year. When you book your Dubai vacations, do consider to opt for cheap holidays to Dubai. Wondering why? Because, commuting from one art gallery to other will definitely cost you since they are located in some far away warehouses and are hard to find. Moreover there are so many art galleries to visit in this city that you might want to save a little extra for each one you visit.

Let me tell you, this city is buzzing with contemporary art all around. If you have been to a destination rich in art and culture before, then you might have noticed that various art galleries are lined up together. People stroll from one gallery to another. But Dubai is a little different when it comes to these art galleries and their locations. Since all these art galleries of Dubai are located far from each other, so it would be a great idea to carry an Art Map for this city before you step out for it. As you get ready to discover the insights of Dubai history, culture and art forms, go through the following and get them listed for your Dubai holidays:
  • Third Line - Contemporary Middle Eastern art 
  • JamJar – DIY Painting Studio.
  • Cuadro – Contemporary Art.
  • Majlis Gallery - International art forms.
  • Green Art Gallery – Work of Local Artists.
  • B21 – Highly promising art exhibits.
  • Dubai Museum – All about Dubai’s history, art and culture.
There are some more galleries and museums that also host numerous splendid works of young as well as experienced artists. So as you book your cheap holidays to Dubai, get all set to discover art, culture, history and heritage, like never before.

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