Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My day out in sun and sand in Dubai

We were heading towards London; since we booked our flights with Emirates so we decided why not take the advantage of a stopover as Emirate offers a free stopover each way if you have booked through the same airline. We were planning to book a flight to Dubai for our vacation but due to some urgent work had to pull out. So this time when I had an opportunity to fly via Dubai, I thought to visit two places at the cost of one. I was more interested in taking a safari than anything else since I heard so much about it and I am sharing my experience of a Desert safari that was awesome and adrenaline pumping experience that I had in my life.

Cheap Holidays to Dubai

There are different companies in Dubai that take you on a Desert Safari. They have the option of picking and dropping you at the hotel on the dates that you have booked. They take you to the desert at the border where you can see a line of SUVs available with deflated tires and once you are ready than begin the tricks and the stunts that these drivers follow. One of those tricks literally passed me out, it is a real adventurous and blood pumping ride for 30 minutes and an experience that I would really recommend whoever is looking to book their flights from London to Dubai.

Than starts the evening BBQ with belly dancers, camel rides and unlimited drinks that is set up to end your desert adventure on a most subtle and enchanting manner. It is and will be an experience that I will love to go again through and surely will be booking my flights from London to Dubai in very near future.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My Dubai Break!

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For a very long time I was thinking and planning on a rip to a city that world is speaking about, I am talking about none other than Dubai, it was the finest short break that I took and it was the only short break that I wanted to extend as it looked never ending!
Dubai, whenever this name crosses my mind I literally get goose bumps as it is the most fascinated trip that I have ever taken(though not been on much but still it is the best)in my life. Let’s start from the start, my friends really convinced me in to this trip as I was more interested in planning a trip to Europe. Just because I was short on finance and time so decided something is better than nothing so I took the bait and agreed for the trip.
I would have been stupid to leave this trip as this trip offered me more fun than I ever had. We booked our air tickets to Dubai and just flew off, after landing I the middle of the afternoon we realized what actually extreme heat means , it was literally burning and we rushed to our hotels .W decide to go out in the evening and never had a simplest of idea that weather could change so drastically within hours.

Whether it’s our rip to Burjkhalifa, the mall of the emirates, famous Mena bazaar, the Wild Wadi amusement park or a romantic dinner on Dhow cruise everything looked so amazing and not to forget the adrenaline pumping Desert Safari and dinner. Five days seemed so short that we never realized them passing and we were standing at the airport to leave.

I loved every single second that I spent and vowed that would come back once again and would relive the fun once again on a long stay. So if you are the one planning to book cheap holidays in Dubai, do take time out as Dubai is not meant to be seen in a jiffy!!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

The best of Dubai Desert Safari

Finally we have succeeded in booking our flights to Dubai. After a long pain staking time of waiting to get the best deals as we were cash strapped (which is always is the case) and almost coming to a point that we thought of cancelling the plan, we finally booked our dates. We all were very excited and making notes of what we will be doing but the top on the list was the Desert Safari that we were all looking forward to the most.
As for the Morning Safari we were to be picked up from our desired location and start the safari with Dune bashing where the visitors are taken in a 4x4 across the sand dunes which i must tell is pretty amazing and scary at times. The camel ride across the desert was just awesome and in the ending winding up the safari with a nice drink and specially cooked desert food that really was an icing on the cake.

The best time to enjoy your safari is evening where apart from all your adrenaline rush of the safari you can go for beautiful henna painting as well as served with glass of wine. Moreover a delicious desert dinner is waiting for you on this trip. The safari part of my Dubai trip was the highlight for me as I was the only one who never saw a desert, though wanted to stay longer but the short of time and most importantly money was behind our early departure from this city. But as for future I am saving from now so that I can have a long and luxurious trip to this beautiful city, to all the attraction and most importantly to book some cheap holidays to Dubai on the dates I want but not the forced dates as per the deals and offers!!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Get the best of Sun and Sand in Dubai

Best of Sun; Sand pretty much everything if you want to enjoy than trust me there is no better place than Dubai to do so.It is a city which is literally built on keeping in mind every type of traveler. By every type i mean that on one hand you get travelers who are ready to spend anything to get the best of everything and on the other there are some like me who would like to get everything without spending that much, so basically Dubai is like a true traveler's paradise where everybody can get everything without thinking about it twice.

As for the cheap flights to Dubai literally every agent or website will offer you the deals and offers that are in numbers. I was lucky to pick one such deal and managed somehow to book the flights and hotel that too on the Jumeirah beach. It was awesome, exotic and unbelievable to the least, the architecture of the hotels on the Jumeirah strip was just eye popping.

The best of human mind is on display at Jumeirah beach defying even the laws of nature when it comes to architectures of the resorts on the beach. Hotels like Jumeirah Beach, Burj Al Arab, Le Meridien, and The Atlantis on the palm and all are just wonderful and unbelievable to an eye. I had a wonderful time soaking in the sun and the sand on the private beach of Jumeirah (not open for common public) and would sincerely advise all the travelers to start their saving to book the hotels on the beach only to get an experience of a beach hotel, hospitality and the aura that really defines the logic and ideology of this city as a true traveler’s destination.

So to enjoy best of sun and sand book your cheap holidays to Dubai from your with flights4dubai UK!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Points to remember while finding Cheap Flights UK to Dubai online

If you are contemplating going to Dubai, then you ought to begin your arranging and research as ahead of schedule as possible. Discovering the best airfares to Dubai might be a doubtful assignment. Frequently the best guidance is to attempt to be as adaptable as you can with your dates and your visiting time. Being adaptable can really spare you a ton of cash on any excursion. Going throughout off-crest days and hours can offer considerable funds to the canny explorer. 

Dubai is a clamoring city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The airstrip takes about 4 - 5 kilometers from the city of Dubai. Most individuals’ contract taxi's to get around or take the nearby ground transportation framework. Numerous aerial transports fly well and done with Dubai International Airport so you ought to have the capacity to discover one that has a connection with your most loved carrier continuous flyer program. Aggregating mileage on more treks, for example, this can help when you arrange your next trek. In the event that you have enough miles in your record you may have the capacity to surrender them for a free Flight Tickets to Dubai

Hunt online down the best Cheap Flights UK to Dubai you can discover. You will likely need to join locally on the off chance that you don't live in one of the bigger center urban areas. Emirates Airlines has numerous flights every day into and out of Dubai so make sure to check them as they are the national bearer of the UAE. Emirates Airlines is really situated in the city of Dubai. Huge numbers of the other bigger bearers additionally travel to Dubai and airfares are extremely focused. You may find numerous choices for Cheap Flights Belfast to Dubai, Heathrow to Dubai and from a lot more popular UK cities. So, while planning your flights tickets to Dubai, make a little investigation and you will surely end up finding your best deals.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

All about Dubai visa!

In the event that you are not a National (Citizen) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) you'll oblige a Visa to Dubai The main confinement I can consider is that Dubai does not let Israeli natives enter UAE. I won't get into the reasons here. 

The uplifting news is that Dubai Visas are moderately inconvenience allowed to get. Certain states that are inside the Co-operation Council for the Arab States of the Persian Gulf (GCC) and residents of chose countries don't need to get a Visa preceding getting into Dubai. Understanding Dubai visa norms is equally important, as grabbing Cheap Flights Tickets to Dubai or planning Cheap Holidays to Dubai.

For GCC states, no Visa is obliged to enter Dubai. For nationals of some chose nations like Australia and the United States, you will get a Dubai Visa stamp after getting into Dubai. It doesn't cost any cash to get this stamp and it allows you to stay in Dubai for up to 90 days. Vacationers from most different countries are permitted to stay for up to 30 days in Dubai. These sightseers typically oblige a local backer, (for example, a business or lodging) in order to get a Dubai Visa. Here are the top most necessities for a Dubai visa. So, before you book cheap flights to Dubai city, please go through these once.

Necessities for Dubai Visa: Your international ID ought to be substantial for no less than two to six prior months you enter Dubai. Hence verify you check your visa before arranging your outing. Provision for or recharging of your identification would take a couple of months.

Guest Visa to Dubai: Guest Visas are the broadest Dubai Visas conceded by the Government of Dubai. Guest 
Visas are ordinarily transient and are proposed for explorers who wish to visit Dubai or try for business purposes. Whether you'll oblige a Visa before going to Dubai relies on upon nation you are a native of. Like I expressed prior in case you're a national of the GCC, you needn't bother with a Visa to enter Dubai.

Countries in the GCC incorporate Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Saudi Arabia. These countries have greatly close ties with Dubai and offer numerous political and religious perspectives. On the off chance that you are simply an occupant of the GCC nations, you would get a 30 day Dubai Visa after getting into the Emirate.

Travel Visas: On the off chance that you are simply passing by Dubai on your voyage somewhere else, you can get a Transit Visa in the event that you could show a proceeding flight ticket. This Visa is just a 4 day (ninety six hour) Visa however is simply ideal for you in case you're a traveler so you can take a few days and tour Dubai.

This Visa will be issued by any aerial shuttle working inside the UAE and is free. Emirates commonly can permit you a various day layover since the air transport is situated in Dubai. Not many aerial transports license you this alternative so exploit it. Consider this peculiarity at whatever point you have got a layover in Dubai.